Opportunity knocks for digital procurement…

The Digital Insight podcast welcomes Dr Elouise Epstein, Partner at Kearney, and Lance Younger, CEO and Founder of ProcureTech to discuss the continued evolution of digital procurement.

Are we witnessing one of the most significant moments in the history and future of procurement?

I could spend hours talking about this. Where we are is a great place and we need to take the opportunity, because it may not come again, for another 20 years,” – Dr. Elouise Epstein, Partner at Kearney.

I’d hate to look back and for people to not to have taken the opportunity. It’s not just the leader, it’s anybody who works in and around the procurement space. There’s so many different things to capitalize on, you just need to decide on which one it’s going to be and make the most of it,” – Lance Younger CEO & Founder of ProcureTech

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