SourceDay has announced a strategic partnership with industry cloud company Infor to deliver supply chain visibility.

SourceDay has announced a strategic partnership with industry cloud company Infor.

It is expected that the alliance will bridge the gap between ERPs and supplier networks. This will also be while enhancing the efficiency of direct spend purchase order lifecycle management.

Delivering supply chain visibility

As part of the partnership, SourceDay is now an Infor Certified Solution Partner. It will deliver deep, bi-directional technology integration across Infor’s Discrete Manufacturing ERPs. Shared customers can now manage direct material POs proactively and comprehensively from creation to receipt.

SourceDay is a supply chain collaboration platform that integrates with any ERP system to overcome the risks and costs inherent in manual PO lifecycle management processes. It helps manufacturers and distributors achieve supplier on-time delivery rates as high as 96%. This is through providing unmatched visibility and control over inbound supply.

Further, Infor is an official reseller of the SourceDay platform, which validates the SourceDay solution while significantly expanding customer reach.

Strategic partnership

“I’m thrilled to partner with Infor as the supplier collaboration platform of choice for their customers and prospects. This is the culmination of a rigorous process where Infor selected SourceDay based on the quality of our technology and shared commitment to our customers’ success,” said Clint McRee, co-founder of SourceDay. “SourceDay will continue to focus on proactive supplier engagement and data accuracy that today’s supply chain teams require to mitigate risk and unlock next-level business outcomes.”

Mark Humphlett, Industry and Solution Strategy Director at Infor, added: “Infor is focused on creating and sustaining collaborative relationships with partners, such as SourceDay, that have considerable vertical market expertise and are well aligned with our solutions and CloudSuites. This new partnership demonstrates Infor’s continued focus on quality and commitment to its customers.”

Read more about the new partnership here.

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