Jose Hernandez, Chief Digital Officer at America Televisión, explains how Peru’s leading TV network is aggregating services to bring audiences together across its platforms

The proliferation of digital platforms and devices has seen the television audience become increasingly fragmented. America Televisión’s objective is to reassemble those audience with its OTT platform – America TVGO.

“We compete not only with other TV networks, but with all other services that provide digital entertainment and news, such as streaming platforms,” explains Chief Digital Officer Jose Hernandez. “Time is the currency with which our audiences pay us, so we need to be constantly improving our offering both through content and user experiences. Users are in control today, not media like it used to be in the old TV days, and we are totally aware of that. They have innumerable options for where and how to consume content. Therefore, our role is to be there, in that specific device, platform or operating system, with the best possible experience, when they have those minutes or hours to spare…”

Jose Hernandez and his team at America Televisión

Building audience reach

America Televisión’s strategy is to build the largest reach across multiple platforms to meet the needs of that fragmented television audience…

“Live streaming and live events are the most important asset of TV broadcasters,” explains Hernandez. “Besides our own OTT platform, we are partnering with cable operators, streaming platforms and other OTT platforms to distribute our content – both live and VOD – broadening our reach and increasing our revenues through different business models, such as retransmission fees, content licensing, ad revenue sharing or subscription services.”

When it comes to its own live streaming service, America has the option to replace TV ads with digital ads. “The upside is that digital ads sell for higher CPMs than TV ads,” says Hernandez. “But the downside is that we won´t always fill 100% of the inventory available. So, we made the decision to keep TV ads in the digital live stream and aggregate our digital audience to our TV audience, reaching more users and monetising this extended audience through CPM based selling.”

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